Abib Book 3

Not much to write. It’s been a long couple of weeks and a long time since I felt like writing. Willup was taken by some terrible orcs working for that damned red dragon. Me and Integral and Lindy and Drake decided to try and save him. But Drake left and then Willup was killed. That happens later.

We did a lot of traveling but after fighting so many wolves and seeing so much snow and blood-snow I sort of forget. I’m glad that we are doing something good, but sometimes all of the guts make me think about home and gut stew. We put a lot of salt in it, and lots of alcohol. Just thinking about how warm gut stew made me feel back in my tents and safety makes me feel a little sad, but also a little warmer.

Kilokliff is pretty. There’s this platform with a really dedicated dwarf who runs it and takes you from way up high on the mountain into the city. Everything is pretty…even the mines which are just holes and holes filled with magic gems that cost more money than a house. But the woods around it are terrible. Pretty, but full of evil guys who left Willup tied to a tree for days and weeks and forever and finally killed him. But maybe they didn’t kill him? Maybe the forest killed him? I don’t know. I’m tired of trees.

Good thing. Me and Integral and Lindi and a bunch of elves from the trees and a lot of dwarves and gnomes from Kilokliff killed all the bad guys in the forest. We blew stuff up and Lindi caught a lot of people on fire and Integral shot more arrows than a machine I saw once that shot arrows for it’s job! We found some attack plans and a lot of money, which the armies let us keep. I wonder sometimes how much money it would take to get a dragon to just go away forever?

But I have to sleep now. My mind has been busy, and I feel something strange inside of me. Like the Laughing One took his picks and opened my brain and put some stuff in that chest and then locked it back up tighter than I could ever hope to get into.

You will be missed, Willup.


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