Abib Book 4

Not a whole lot to write, but sometimes I have to write down what’s going on inside my brain or it’ll explode out and make me angry. So here it is.

Me and Lindy and Integral left Kilokliff cause Integral got a letter from his chief saying he had to go back and take a test or something. He is my friend, and Lindi was okay with it, so that’s what we decided to do. Our whore friend gave us a good breakfast right before we left. Sausage and eggs and meat and milk and everything comfortable. We left on good terms. She was pretty and nice, and I blessed her house after we left. I hope she doesn’t care.

We walked for awhile and the ground decided to open up like a wolf’s mouth and swallow us in. Maybe I am scared, but it seems strange that the ice druid wants us to help him and we say okay and suddenly the ground keeps opening up everywhere we go and having us fight. Malvina loves being used, but sometimes Abib doesn’t want to use Malvina. Oh well.

So it’s late, and the fire outside is burning low. Integral talked to some bears and we fought a bunch of skeletons and some lizards and now we’re outside. I think sometimes there’s some unnatural force guiding our future, because all I want to do is kill that damned red dragon and go home. All I can do is look to the Laughing One for guidance.


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