Abib Book 5

So everything has gone to a terrible place since we saw Istus Village. Me and Integral and Lindi and Jaykof showed up to try and relax while Integral had some test he had to do there. On the way me and the Chef had a terrible fight, but I made it better by carrying the cart for awhile. I miss him.

We went and met Integral’s mother, and we put all of our stuff there. She was making stew that was pretty tasty even if it smelled like what goats do to make goat babies. It was tasty, and reminded me of home. Again my brain keeps thinking about my old house and my old bed and my old food because everything is pretty horrible right now because I’m sleeping in the plane of shadow.

That damned red dragon blew a bunch of fire in the middle of Integral taking his man test, and everybody went scared. I haven’t seen a village burn so much since Fulgren. My hate went from my brain to my arms and everything went black and I grew really big and started hitting the orc in black armor finally. We made an orcish agreement to win the fight, and I made us go to a huge ball of fire. I’m still not sure what happened, or what I did, but I’m starting to understand that I can make me go places that are scary and different.

Anyway he’s dead now and then I saw a vision of that damned red dragon making friends with white dragons and we warned everybody. I hope Istus still stands, because it had Integral’s mom and I miss mine and since he’s my friend I know he must be sad.

But now we are in a place that looks like a picture because there’s no color. The Laughing One let me take us here and I hope he’s got a punch-line because Lindi especially doesn’t seem happy. I keep hearing horrible sounds far away from us, but Integral seems to know the way. Hopefully we can see Jerry soon, because I don’t like this place!


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