An Unprecedented Reveal


Our intrepid heroes leave the Monastery of the Silver Dragon after solving the mystery behind Drake’s fall from the sky. They head southeast on a journey to explore the Altar of Theroth, but are suddenly faced with some peculiar opposition!

Out walking his wolverines, the fearsome mage and animal trainer Japu confronts Willup about an outstanding debt regarding previously purchased farming equipment. And Japu will take none of Willup’s excuses about the draconic force of nature destroying his farm. Thus a pack of wolverines are released on our adventures!

The pack descends on the cart and Abib takes point. Unfortunately these wolverines bestow a harder punch than Abib anticipated, and he quickly feels the ill effects of a bombardment of teeth and claws. While Willup and Abib wade through the hairy hacksaws trying to get to Japu; Drake, Lindi, and Integral skillfully use attack and withdraw or ranged tactics to dispatch his rabid minions.

As the wolverines fall one by one — through fire and fletching — Willup downs Japu with a mighty and fatal blow. After discovering a few impressive treasures, they find their way to the alter. As they examine the massive sculpture, hewn from the frozen sea itself, they are met by none other than Jerry the barkeep of the Wolf’s Head Inn.

As if affected by some ancient and powerful dumbification magics, Jerry reveals himself to be Theroth, the overseer of Heurdenvaar! The plot thickens as our adventurers learn that the evil red dragon they are after is searching for Theroth’s treasure horde to usurp it for some unknown purpose. What does this mean for our party? Have they suddenly bit off more than they can chew? Perhaps we will soon find out!

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