Integrals Journal 2

I woke up from a nightmare again today, and finally told my friends what was going on. Lindi seemed really uneasy after I told her. Then after agreeing to check up on a Jerry’s friend Gari we Headed off. On the way to Gari’s house we saw what we thought to be the person recruiting people for the red dragon. We approached him and with my silver tongue we managed to get some information out of him. He told us that the rouge had escaped after we caught him was in Borkarthorp. That was all we were able to get out of him. Then after a few hours we made it to Gari’s house.

We went in his home to check on him when there was no answer to our knocks. Once inside the house we all noticed something was not right. We felt cold so Abib checked on the fire in the wood stove to find the fire to be fake. Lindi noticed a mirror that was very suspicious. Then weirder stuff started to happen. A ghostly scream from nowhere, a book flying across the room at Abib, water turning to blood before our eyes, and then Lindi saw a figure appear and disappear before her eyes. At this point I wanted to leave, but we stayed. Then a ghostly voice told us to get out, and smashed the mirror. It was then that my fears were confirmed, in the broken pieces of the mirror I see the demonic face of my dreams. Lindi then sees the same face in my reflection putting her at great unease. Abib then wants to search the house more so we did. That’s when I became possessed by an evil spirit.

It takes over slowly making me push Abib through a doorway. Then I feel it taking more control of me before. Before it take full control I let Abib shackle my arms. Lindi then kicks me, and it hurt. Then Abib turned the spirit and freed me from its possession. Being possessed is one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me, and having an evil spirit forced out of my body was even worse. Then the spirit showed itself and I could not help but run in fear from the sight of it. By the time I manned up and went back to help Abib whom Lindi and I left all alone with the spirit Abib finished the final blow to it. Just a minute after Abib defeated the spirit he collapsed to the floor, I rushed over and gave him first aid till he could manage to heal himself. The house then went back to the way it was in reality, and Gari and his family appeared before us. They told us of the evil spirit and how it sucked away the lived of him and his family. He then asks us to burn down the house, so we do. We then headed back to the Inn.

After arriving at the Inn Jerry arrives with Drake over his should on the brink of death and Willup nowhere in sight. We ask Jerry were he is and as he opens his mouth to answer he collapses to the ground himself. Abib starts healing them but he says it will probably take all night before they will wake up from these wounds.

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