Drake Elder

Level 6 Warmage


Drake Elder is a warmage who was betrayed by classmates of his training academy after being pushed from an airship. He survived the fall only to be nearly killed by the boreal tundra of Heurdenvaar. He was luckily rescued by Lindi Beren and Willup Guiles who revived him at Jerry‘s tavern, the Wolf’s Head Inn.

After traveling with the group for many weeks, Drake and the party tracked his academy to the Monastery of the Silver Dragon where he discovered the perpetrators of the betrayal and dealt with them according to the academy’s customs. Afterward, he decided to continue traveling with the other adventurers in tracking the red dragon Vascomas, only to later realize the mortal danger he faced and change his mind. He returned to his academy and wishes the other adventurers the best of luck.

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Drake Elder

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