Silver Dragon

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Very Old Silver Dragon
Over eight hundred years old, Theroth has yet to reach his full strength and maturity, but he has a ready wit and a clever tongue. Once, it is said, he spent a hundred years in humanoid form advising a dwarven king but then he grew bored with the dwarf ’s constant desire for wealth. Theroth keeps a hoard (as almost all dragons do), but he despises overt greed. Theroth often trades with good and neutral creatures, charging a fair price for his knowledge or his treasures, and he builds his hoard through rewards and trade. When Theroth does fight, however, he is mighty. He battles from the sky and uses his powerful breath weapon when he can, countering others’ magic with his own.

He partnered with The Azure Company many decades ago and was a contributing factor to the establishment of the Heurdenvaar region. Once the region could flourish on its own, he disappeared into the Mierdentoft Mountains and hasn’t made his presence known since. However, the people of Heurdenvaar believe he still watches over them, and they leave monthly offerings to him at an altar hewn from a glacier located at the base of his mountain. What’s more, a substantial yearly offering is left at the altar during the Azure Festival.

Theroth is actually the barkeep Jerry found at the Wolf’s Head Inn located northeast of the village of Heimdivik.


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