Willup Guiles

Level 5 Fighter


Willup Guiles was a plucky farmer turned adventurer after his settlement was destroyed by a red dragon (Vascomas). He started hunting for information about the whereabouts of the red dragon and tracked it north to the Heurdenvaar region.

After grouping with several other adventurers, Willup discovered his long-time friend Jerry was actually a silver dragon (Theroth) in disguise. He also found out that the adventures were all tied together in an intricate web which led to him feeling that he had a place where he belonged once again.

Unfortunately, Willup was captured by an agent of Vascomas and after several days of tracking him, the party were too late to save Willup’s life. He was the last known living member of his family line, and will be missed.


Who are your friends/contacts, and where are they located?
Most of my friends and contacts have been killed by a ferocious dragon.

Who are your enemies/adversaries, and where are they located?
I used to have an enemy; His name was Steve, but a ferocious dragon ate him.

Are you part of a guild or other organization?
I was on the board of the local agricultural guild, but it was destroyed…….by a ferocious dragon.

Why did you join the guild?
Because I am a farmer, and most farmers were apart of the guild.

Do you own any land, have any honors, trophies, or titles?
I am the owner of some scorched earth. I did receive a trophy once for raising the biggest
Dire Pig on record.

Do you have a catch phrase or quote?

Do you have any character quircks or flaws?
I despise goblins. Giant spiders make me scream like a girl.

What do you look like?
See profile.

What have you experienced up unto this point?
I’ve been a farmer ever since I could remember. I had a wife of six years. She used to work at the local tavern an inn as a cook. I lost both her and my daughter to sickness 7 years ago. About a month ago a dragon came an ate my village. Maybe there is better fortune in the afterlife.

Where are you from?
Fulgrhan: a small farming village lying in the south “growing belt” along the river thorn.

Are you from this region.

If not what are your motivations for coming here.
Honestly, I haven’t had the best of luck in Fulgren. And since it doesn’t exist any more, I’m onto greener pastures.

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Willup Guiles

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