Abib Book 2

Waking up.

We all head out, and we switch between riding in our cart and walking beside the yak. Drake seems almost too proud about his win, and sometimes when we’re supposed to be asleep I hear him talking to it about how much magic he cast and how powerful it was. Good for him, I guess. Our goal was south, but everyone wanted to visit an altar to the false god Theroth, a dragon that is old and powerful but not powerful enough to kill that damned red dragon.

Abib Book 1

I don’t write too well. It’s not that I’m dumb, just don’t have much to say. Willup has one of these, so I thought it was a good idea.

My friends have taken me on some fun things. We went to the town of Skeitenfell and found some things to do. Some man gave us money to find a robber and murderer who turned out to be a vampire I think. He stabbed me but I was okay…Olidimarra blessed me some and made sure he missed my important gutsy bits. After that he tripped me, and Willup jumped out a window and pretty much killed him. That was pretty cool.

Willup's Log

I dreamt about it again last night; The earth shaking, the smell of smoke, and the awful roaring.
Except this time the dragon got me. He won. I miss my farm and I miss my family, although I know that it wasn’t the dragon’s doing that ended their lives. Maybe we’ll be successful in this trip to the mountains. Maybe we’ll find more answers. Who knows.

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The Adventure Begins
It is So Cold...
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Welcome to Heurdenvaar. A bitter cold, boreal region of land far in the northern reaches. We open our adventure in a dark cave covered in spiderwebs. Willup Guiles opens his eyes and feels the bitter sting of frostbite in his fingers. As he looks around, several silken pods dangle from the ceiling.

Willup stands and begins to bolt out of the cave as he is all too familiar with what would eventually transpire if he were to stick around. But what’s this? A pod is moving?! Perhaps he should swallow his fear and see what’s inside…


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