Abib Book 5

So everything has gone to a terrible place since we saw Istus Village. Me and Integral and Lindi and Jaykof showed up to try and relax while Integral had some test he had to do there. On the way me and the Chef had a terrible fight, but I made it better by carrying the cart for awhile. I miss him.

Abib Book 4

Not a whole lot to write, but sometimes I have to write down what’s going on inside my brain or it’ll explode out and make me angry. So here it is.

Me and Lindy and Integral left Kilokliff cause Integral got a letter from his chief saying he had to go back and take a test or something. He is my friend, and Lindi was okay with it, so that’s what we decided to do. Our whore friend gave us a good breakfast right before we left. Sausage and eggs and meat and milk and everything comfortable. We left on good terms. She was pretty and nice, and I blessed her house after we left. I hope she doesn’t care.

R.I.P. Gamah
Gamah was a simple polar bear cut down in his youth. He joined our group less than a week ago, and gained a lot of experience in the ways of the world. Unfortunately a frost worm attack ended his life. But with his last moments in this world he saved Lindi.
Abib Book 3

Not much to write. It’s been a long couple of weeks and a long time since I felt like writing. Willup was taken by some terrible orcs working for that damned red dragon. Me and Integral and Lindy and Drake decided to try and save him. But Drake left and then Willup was killed. That happens later.

We did a lot of traveling but after fighting so many wolves and seeing so much snow and blood-snow I sort of forget. I’m glad that we are doing something good, but sometimes all of the guts make me think about home and gut stew. We put a lot of salt in it, and lots of alcohol. Just thinking about how warm gut stew made me feel back in my tents and safety makes me feel a little sad, but also a little warmer.

Integrals Journal 4
The search for Willup seems to be nearing its end. Unfortunately the close we get the more dangerous thing seem, and the lack of info is very unsettling. All we know is there is at least 25 enemies waiting for us. Also it seems that there camp has moved at least once. Right now our plan is not clear. But Abib’s new skills seem like they will be very useful in our attempt save Willup. Also having Unar and Lindi’s damage is of great value in this mission. I’m hoping that between my sneakiness and Abib’s disguise we might be able to get Willup out.
Integrals Journal 3
The past 4 days have been so fast pace I am just now getting to update my log. We have been searching for Willup for these 4 days, gathering information were we can. Finally I think were are close to were he is being held captive. On our travels to Kiloklif I got an animal companion, a polar bear named Gamuh. Then a couple days later we were attacked by giant two headed skeletons. In this battle Gamuh proved to be a great allie on our travels, and we made it to Kiloklif.
Integrals Journal 2

I woke up from a nightmare again today, and finally told my friends what was going on. Lindi seemed really uneasy after I told her. Then after agreeing to check up on a Jerry’s friend Gari we Headed off. On the way to Gari’s house we saw what we thought to be the person recruiting people for the red dragon. We approached him and with my silver tongue we managed to get some information out of him. He told us that the rouge had escaped after we caught him was in Borkarthorp. That was all we were able to get out of him. Then after a few hours we made it to Gari’s house.

What Happens in Dreams...
...Stays in Dreams


The following excerpts are from Integral’s mind. A foreshadowing of things to come — prophetic, if you will. They are shared here, now because the visions have bore fruit. A bitter, evil and incorporeal fruit…

A Disturbing Slumber

A small form stands in the distance in front of you, silhouetted against a dim background. Wisps of fog swirl about it, seemingly embracing it. Keeping it still. You narrow your eyes to focus on the form and deduce that it is Lindi. You try to walk toward her, but your legs fail to move. Your lips part to call out to her, but no words escape.
An Unprecedented Reveal


Our intrepid heroes leave the Monastery of the Silver Dragon after solving the mystery behind Drake’s fall from the sky. They head southeast on a journey to explore the Altar of Theroth, but are suddenly faced with some peculiar opposition!

Out walking his wolverines, the fearsome mage and animal trainer Japu confronts Willup about an outstanding debt regarding previously purchased farming equipment. And Japu will take none of Willup’s excuses about the draconic force of nature destroying his farm. Thus a pack of wolverines are released on our adventures!

Integrals Journal

Woke up this morning feeling unrested after a night of tossing and turning. After waking up fully I joined the monks of the monastery for there morning exercises and breakfast. Then we all left headed to the shrine of the silver dragon. On the way to the shrine we meet up with Japu and his 5 wolverines. Japu and Willup exchanged hash word with each other that eventually broke out into a fight. The wolverines were very strong they had actually managed to put one of the worst beatings on Abib I have ever seen, second only to the time we were taken by surprise by a group of hungry wolves about 3 weeks before we meet up with Drake, Lindi, and Willup.


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