Drama Cards

Drama cards are issued at the beginning of each session and will be returned at the end of each session, unless otherwise noted by the GM. The GM has last say on any ruling of the card, arguing is to be limited. The GM reserves the right to postpone the use of a drama card until a fortuitous time where it would make sense to use it.

Rewards for Next Week:

Abib 6
Lindi 4
Integral 6
Jaykhoff 4

Base Amount:

At the beginning of each session you will be given 4 drama cards. These will be randomly assigned from the deck.

Gaining Cards:

You may gain more drama cards by contributing to the OP website, cashing in Action Points (2 points for 1 card), as a reward for keeping the party grounded in the game (1 card), or as a reward for saying/doing something cool (1 card).

OP Contribution:

  • You gain 4 extra cards for creating an OP account. I will back-supplement this rule for those who have already done so ONCE.
  • You gain 1 extra card for updating your character when you level.
  • You gain 2 extra cards for providing a backstory to your character (either as a player secret or in the bio section).
  • You gain 2 extra cards for one adventure log per session.
  • You gain 3 extra cards for creating a wiki page (GM discretion).
  • You gain 1 extra card for each pertinent contribution to a wiki page.
  • You gain 1 extra card for a npc addition to the Unimportant NPC’s forum.
  • You gain 2 extra cards for an important npc addition (GM discretion).
  • You gain 1 extra card for adding a main picture to a character, major NPC, or specific special item.
  • You gain 1 extra card for adding a specific special item to the items page (GM discretion).

Trading and Cashing Out Cards

At the beginning of the session you are allowed to trade any number of your cards with any of the other players at the table. Once trading is complete, you must have the same number of cards in hand that you started with. During the session you may gift a card to another player, or a player may spend an action point to buy a card off of you (the transaction must be approved by the cardholder, and the action point is lost, not traded). You are allowed to trade 1 card to the deck at the beginning of each session.

Players may cash their drama cards out for gold at the beginning of each session. The exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 gp for each base card given, up to 4.
  • 5 gp for each reward card you were given as a result of contributing to the OP website.

At the end of the session, any cards remaining must be turned in and players will be rewarded the FULL exchange rate for their cards.

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Drama Cards

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