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It’s dark, and it is so c-c-cold…

As the chill finally creeps into your bones, you lift your head from the ground. Your irises expand to meet the needs of your surroundings, and the cave you find yourself in is barren and dry. Your fingers, cheeks, ears, and toes burn with numbness you know to be frostbite. When you try to get to your feet, your hand gives way as you slide the skull you were laying on across the icy floor. This is no place for you to be. This is no place for you…

Welcome to Heurdenvaar. A boreal region where everyday life is a battle with the elements, and yet its inhabitants breathe in the bitter cold and exhale pride and accomplishment. This harsh environment is their home, but they will see the rise of a nation — even if they lose their extremities in the process.

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Home Page

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