The Azure Company

The Azure Company was a group of six adventurers who, after many long years of collecting treasure, decided find a place to settle down and live out the rest of their days. They went to their friend, Theroth — a silver dragon whom they had encountered many years ago during their travels — to see if he knew of any remote places they could retire.

Theroth carried them far north to a cold mountainous region and said “Here, my friends, are my lands. You may do with them what you wish, and I would be happy to keep your horde safe with mine.” And it was so. After several years, people from the south ventured to Heurdenvaar to seek wisdom and training from the party. Several more years pass, and the troupes of people increased until the small camps turned to thorps and continued to grow.

The Azure Company assisted the people in establishing a foothold, and each member helped to create a new settlement. The people named the settlements after the party members, and Theroth agreed to look after this new region. The Azure Company itself disbanded and went their separate ways.

The Azure Company party members were:
Horla Heimdi
Orodrel Borka
Duror Kilostein
Rive Ettin
Arif Sketein
Ostan Fulgren

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The Azure Company

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