Abib Book 1

I don’t write too well. It’s not that I’m dumb, just don’t have much to say. Willup has one of these, so I thought it was a good idea.

My friends have taken me on some fun things. We went to the town of Skeitenfell and found some things to do. Some man gave us money to find a robber and murderer who turned out to be a vampire I think. He stabbed me but I was okay…Olidimarra blessed me some and made sure he missed my important gutsy bits. After that he tripped me, and Willup jumped out a window and pretty much killed him. That was pretty cool.

So we left the town after some drinks and I must have had too much because I don’t remember much of the next few days of walking. I guess we had to deliver things. Which we did.

At the place we delivered it, some sort of stuff happened with Drake where people who dressed a lot like him shoved him out of an airship. Some sort of wizard stuff. I don’t understand, and only half care. I’m just glad Drake ended up winning the fight he had to fight, because the rules of his school are stupid and messed up and make me remember some of the fights my brothers and I had in my old tribe over food and women. Bloody and fun and useless, really.

Oh, and we saw the dragon! The damned, infernal dragon that destroyed my favorite town and caused me to go on this whole thing in the first place. Integral, that damned fool and my best friend, fired at the beast but didn’t even come close to hitting it. I guess we’re traveling south now. Time for bed.

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