Abib Book 2

Waking up.

We all head out, and we switch between riding in our cart and walking beside the yak. Drake seems almost too proud about his win, and sometimes when we’re supposed to be asleep I hear him talking to it about how much magic he cast and how powerful it was. Good for him, I guess. Our goal was south, but everyone wanted to visit an altar to the false god Theroth, a dragon that is old and powerful but not powerful enough to kill that damned red dragon.

After a few days of riding and arguing about who got to sleep and not walk, a strange and small man attacked us. He knew Willup. I guess Willup owed him money, but I never knew for sure because the little man attacked us with his bunch of badgers. I tried to fight them and almost got killed. I guess Olidimarra made it a great joke that I almost died. Death almost made me scream because I couldn’t see and fell down and my blood and blood were everywhere and I saw snow.

I hate snow now.

The thing that made me wake up was a bunch of fire that Drake was making onto the badgers and smoke and melting snow. It was pretty terrible. I watched Willup kill this guy, and he kept raising his middle finger in a sign of victory.

Everybody won, and I paid Integral with jewels and clothes even though he said he’d work for free, but he’s my best friend. He was pretty happy, and I like that. I should have given things to Lindy and Drake, but they seemed okay.

After that we made it to an obvious shrine where food and wood and copper were sitting. We found Theroth’s Shrine! Willup ran into an old friend who ended up being a dragon. Big surprise, dragon’s are sneaky. The dragon he was though I won’t say because he trusted me. Trust is important. “Trust is good, but elves love wood”

My mom taught me that. I’m drinking at the Wolf’s Head Tavern now! Goodnight.

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