Integrals Journal

Woke up this morning feeling unrested after a night of tossing and turning. After waking up fully I joined the monks of the monastery for there morning exercises and breakfast. Then we all left headed to the shrine of the silver dragon. On the way to the shrine we meet up with Japu and his 5 wolverines. Japu and Willup exchanged hash word with each other that eventually broke out into a fight. The wolverines were very strong they had actually managed to put one of the worst beatings on Abib I have ever seen, second only to the time we were taken by surprise by a group of hungry wolves about 3 weeks before we meet up with Drake, Lindi, and Willup.

After a fierce battle we managed to take down Japu and 4 wolverines leaving the 5th for me to try and make my companion with no success, but I managed to get some magic arrows and a magic cape out of the battle. We then continued to the shrine were we meet Jerry. Jerry started acting very strange and revealed to us that he was Theroth the silver dragon. After gaining a lot of information we headed back to the Wolf’s Head Inn which holds completely new meaning now knowing what the name means.

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